Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Facial Hair Removal - Karina Amerson

Facial Hair Removal
by Karina Amerson

There are several methods of hair removal: waxing, shaving, tweezing, and cream and gel depilatories and many other products.

Permanent methods include laser and radio waves. Here is some information about how to pick a facial hair remover method to best suit your needs.

Study facial hair removal options. There are varieties of options to choose, such as depilatories, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis, shaving, laser hair removal, radio wave hair removal and the prescription-only product, Vaniqa.

Read the ingredients of any facial hair remover product to see if it contains ingredients that you are allergic or sensitive to.

If so, do not use it. Test an inconspicuous area before attempting to use any product to remove facial hair, regardless of the method.

To rule out a reaction, test the product according to the directions, using a place on your inner arm. If a sensitivity reaction occurs, do not use the product.

Understand how each product works to remove facial hair. Ask others who have tried various methods what they think.

Make an appointment with a professional at a salon or hair removal center who can answer questions and give recommendations.

Consider permanent hair removal for heavy growth. Both laser and radio wave removal are available and claim to be a permanent solution.

Be aware that any facial hair removal option can cause burning, scarring, pigment changes and other skin conditions.

Treat light facial hair with depilatories and waxing products. Always test the products first to rule out allergic reactions.

Follow all directions exactly and be aware that any product can cause burning, rashes and other skin problems.

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