Monday, November 26, 2007

Threading Hair Removal Background

Threading Hair Removal Background By: Judy Wellsworth

New experiences are welcomed in any domain, especially in those where the listing of options is endless, so if you have spare time and curiosity you can try the threading hair removal and feel the way different cultures do when using this method. For instance, India and Egypt, oriental countries generally are particularly fond of threading hair removal called in Egyptian “khite” and “fatlah”. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

We westerners are used with other techniques of hair removal, which have invaded the market in just a few years, not more: the hot and cold waxes are available, giving us the results we search for; depilatory creams are easy to use and although the smell is pungent, smooth skin lasts for weeks; razors aren’t that efficient but still do the job.

As we are used to these methods, oriental threading hair removal has proven its efficiency not in years, but in hundreds of years since the ancients first used it. When history and effectiveness combine, the mixture is a successful one and it is worth to take your time and try it out. Threading hair removal involves relay thin, cotton threads that are twisted and rolled over the area you want smoothened. For example, if applied on one’s face it practically levels the hairlines and removes those which are in excess, leaving the person with tidy moustache, eyebrows, having plucked out the unsightly unwanted hair. No known very well, clinics and spas take advantage of the lack of information and use the technique as innovatory and somewhat special, but it’s been around for ages.

It Really Works

The beauticians need practice themselves, because it’s quite complicated: one end of the cotton thread is held between the teeth, the other with the left hand, and the middle long section is swirled around the middle and index fingers of the right hand, which creates an instant tweezers that plucks the unwanted hairs. The result is a natural looking visage, if applied on the face, since the hand that handles the tweezers can make mistakes and pluck too much in the wrong places.

There are many advantages to threading hair removal because it is a quick method to a neat and clean aspect, quicker than the traditional tweezing, and it is considered to be less painful, with only smarting fleeting sensations to it. If not done properly, one might have to deal with folliculitis and the swelling of the treated skin, but a professional threading hair removal practitioner makes sure you get the genuine experience.

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