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5 Ways To Remove Unwanted Hair

5 Ways To Remove Unwanted Hair

There are several methods of hair removal. The important methods are

1. Laser hair removal treatment.

2. Electrolysis procedure

3. Hair removal wax

4. Hair removal cream and

5. Natural hair removal

There are many advantages and disadvantages in every method.

Permanent safe method of hair removal:

The fame of laser hair removal is increasing day by day. Laser hair removal is carried out by concentrating lasers on the skin. Laser is attracted to the color of the hair's follicle causing it to get heated and burns away the roots of the hair. If the hair is of dark color, the result will be similarly better, whereas the light color skin makes the laser get focused on the skin and thus affect the skin by causing sore. On the other hand new progress in laser technology eliminates this disadvantage. However for best results there must be comparatively a bit of difference between the color of the hair and that of the skin.

Advantages and Disadvantages of laser hair removal:

The greatest advantage in using laser hair removal is that you can remove hair from different parts of the body, except the areas near the eyes. Another advantage in using laser hair removal is that there are no genuine side effects, except having redness in addition to inflammation that do not remain for more than one or two days. On the other hand, you would need more than one laser hair removal treatment to remove all the unwanted hair.

Hair removal wax, the inexpensive and popular method:

Hair removal wax is the inexpensive and popular method to remove unwanted hair from the armpits, face, bikini, legs, and other parts of the body. The hairs will take three to eight weeks to grow after the treatment.

Pros and Cons of Waxing

It is not a long process, so it is easy to use this method. After the hair removal wax was applied to the region of the skin, a narrow piece of cloth is put on it and it is pulled off rapidly. All the unwanted hairs were pulled off from its roots and as well as the dead skin cells are also removed. As a result, the skin appears to be smoother and softer. One more advantage that you could get from using hair removal wax is that the re-growth of the unwanted hairs appears to be lighter in color and thinner.

Who should not use hair removal wax method?

Diabetes patients should avoid the use of hair removal wax. This is because they are more prone to infections as compared to other people. Also, people who have acne and use tretinoin and isotretinoin should also avoid waxing.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Hair Removal Cream:

When you use hair removal cream, the stubble appears the next day itself. It is the easy method to get rid of the unwanted hair. The regular use of the hair removal cream makes the hair to grow less quickly and it makes the hair thinner. The disadvantages include that use of the hair removal cream is messy. The odor of the cream is not pleasant.

Natural Hair Removal:

The benefit of natural hair removal is that it is 100% natural and it does not have any side effects for anyone. This is because it does not contain any chemicals that are used in the waxes or creams. The natural antiseptics such as chamomile, tea tree, and lemon are used in this method which makes the skin healthier and smoother. The supreme benefit of the natural hair removal method is that if the hair removed by this method it takes more time for hair to grow in that area.

Threading Hair Removal

Threading is the popular method for removing facial hairs. Threading removes unwanted facial hairs with the use of thin, warped, pure cotton threads that are being turn round over the face area like the forehead for disorderly hairlines, moustache, eyebrows, and upper lips.

The risk of threading

Though this method is less painful it is time consuming. It also has side effects such as bacterial infection which affects the hair follicle, redness on the skin and inflammation. It also causes color change on the skin.

Electrolysis, Comfortable, Safe and Permanent method:

Electrolysis hair removal is a permanent procedure. Electrolysis hair removal generally needs a talented and trained expert who has knowledge in performing the procedure. Home electrolysis hair removal kits are also available. It does not cause any pain, it only makes tingling feeling. It is the safe method to remove hair even from the more sensitive parts of the body. In Electrolysis method each hair is removed, so it takes considerable amount of time to remove all the hair.

By: Cindy Heller

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