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Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal

Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal

In the past you may have gotten hair removal treatment for aesthetics and been sorely disappointed by the result, not to mention the procedure. Old methods such as tweezing, electrolysis, and waxing are painful and ineffective. Some may consider these treatments tantamount to torture.

Those days are over, since the late 1990s we have had the option of laser hair removal and since the 1990s the technology has improved significantly. So, if you have previously been disappointed here are a few reasons why you will not be disappointed any longer.

Foremost, this is the newest and technology. Gentle light is projected through the skin into the hair follicle which is in turn debilitated thus achieving hair removal. There is no scraping, pulling, shaving, burning, or other painful treatment.

Because of the technical and medical aspect of this procedure not just anyone can be qualify. There is a higher level of professionalism in this business than in some other aspects of the beautification industry.

This treatment will at most cause a slight discomfort. Many patients feel nothing at all. If you have endured previous treatment, this will be a walk in the park.

Some older treatment like waxing actually promote hair growth. Ripping the hair out actually causes it to come back stronger. If hair comes back at all after laser is will be lighter and not as coarse.

This treatment can take a matter of minutes for smaller areas and a couple of hours for larger areas. Compared with other treatments, this is much less time consuming.

Large areas such as the back which have previously been basically untreatable are now prime candidates for treatment. No area is too large.

This operation treats the follicles and renders them unable to produce hair for at least a short period of time. This equals a longer lasting treatment than any other method. hair removal costs may be higher than other methods but longevity of the procedure is also increased.

While all medical procedures carry at least some type of risk for side effects laser hair removal carries a very low risk. When compared with other methods, the risks are insignificant.

Old treatments required a visits every couple of weeks, laser does not make guarantees because each patient is different but finds that normally people do not need more than 4 treatments for long term hair loss.

Stack these benefits against any other treatment and you will quickly see that laser hair removal is the superior option for hair removal.

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