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Personal Laser Hair Removal Answers

Personal Laser Hair Removal Answers

The newest, hottest trend in home beauty is the Personal Laser Hair Removal System. Permanent hair removal is now available to the masses at reasonable prices.

Do the personal laser hair removal systems work?
Yes! Depending on the brand you choose, it will take between two and six treatments to notice a visible reduction in hair growth with permanent hair removal in four to 10 treatments.

I am Asian lighter, olive skin. I have thick, course hair on my legs. Would the home lasers works for me? 
The home laser removal machines work for almost everyone. Only those with very dark skin cannot use a laser hair removal device. 

Will a laser hair remover work on very fine hair?
Laser hair removers work on ANY hair. As long as you have a suitable skin color, you can use the personal laser devices.

Can men use the laser device on their face and neck?
Many laser devices recommend against using a hand held laser removal device on facial skin due to the skins sensitivity. I would suggest you speak with your physician before using any laser hair removal device on your face.

How much do the personal laser hair removal systems cost?
The cost varies between about $200 all the way up to $1000. The difference in the kits are the size of the lamp and accessories included.

How much are the replacement lamps and how long do they last?
The lamps cost anywhere from $20 to $50 and can last anywhere from 20 to 50 treatments. It will mostly depend on the user and how the laser is used.

Does it hurt to use a laser hair remover?
Most women report a warm sensation. Some even say it feels like a light snap from a rubber band. Most laser hair removal systems are adjustable to reduce the amount of discomfort.

Do you need to shave while using the laser device?
You can shave between laser treatments if you like. You are recommended not to wax, pluck or string the hair as this removes the follicle and the follicle is what is effected by the laser.
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