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Top Hair Removal Mistakes

Top Hair Removal Mistakes

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be just as frustrating as it is painful. We have all been shaving, plucking and zapping unwanted hair away for decades, but up until now, some of us still can't do it properly.

I'm sure all of us have our own share of hair removal horror stories to tell, from ingrown hairs to burnt skin to removing too much hair.

But despite these experiences, we still commit the same mistakes over and over and not even realize it.

With this, let me share to you the top hair removal mistakes so you can avoid committing them for good.

Mistake 1: Not exfoliating.

Exfoliating is your best defense against pesky ingrown hairs. No matter what type of hair removal technique you choose, whether you shave, pluck, wax or zap, it is very important to exfoliate prior to the hair removal process. Exfoliating can help loosen dead skin cells which prevents hairs from getting trapped beneath the skin's surface.

Mistake 2: Shaving early in the morning.

I'm pretty sure most of us prefer to shave in the morning, either during or after our morning shower. When we sleep, our legs swell a bit so when you shave in the morning, you won't be able to get a nice, clean shave. Do it in the evening to get a closer shave.

Mistake 3: Shaving under a hot shower.

Shaving during your shower might save you time, but it doesn't promise the smoothest shave. The skin swells slightly in hot water and if your shave in a hot shower, the more stubbly they will feel.

Mistake 4: Waxing too frequently.

Most of us may be tempted to wax our skin at the first sight of a hair stubble. You may feel uncomfortable and anxious about it, especially if you're too vain but you must fight the urge to remove it. There should always be a one month gap in between your waxing sessions. It has also been known that waxing too often increases the risk of developing wrinkles because of the loss of the skin's elasticity. So if you don't want to have wrinkly legs and underarms, limit your waxing sessions to once a month.

Mistake 5: Waxing at the wrong time of the month.

Women are more sensitive to pain a week before and after their monthly periods. This is because of the changes in hormones and extra blood flow. It's best to wax around the middle of your cycle to avoid excessive pain.

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